Lewis recently celebrated 50 years in the business as a Director, Coach, and Teacher. He’s taught at many Universities including The University of Manitoba, University of Windsor, Ryerson, Humber, Sheridan and Seneca College. He’s directed at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto and a major production of Hamlet at The Manitoba Theatre Centre starring Keanu Reeves.


Over his long career he has directed everything from Sailor Moons(voice), Divorce Court, a feature film for Roger Corman and the School of Comedy(Humber) Industry Shows on the Second City Stage where he worked with Andrea Martin, Dave Foley, Don Ferguson and many more.

He’s the owner of Casting Central and LB Acting Studio. The Studio has 11 coaches and trains over 2000 actors a year. Lewis continues to train and coach established and emerging talent as well as on Set Coaching. Lewis has participated in the growth and success of hundreds of Actors including Shamier Anderson, Dewshane Williams and Nina Dobrev, Most sets in Toronto have at least one or more LB Actors or Alumni on it. He is currently writing his Book on the Acting techniques he’s develop at LB Acting Studio.

Casting Central is one of Canada’s largest Casting Facilities, facilitating Casting Directors such as RDC, Forrest and Forrest, Deirdre Bowen, Buchan Knight, and Lewis Kay Casting.


eBoss Canada interview with Lewis