A message from Lewis & the LB Acting Studio team:


As artists, we pride ourselves on our awareness of the world around us.
Systemic and Anti-Black racism has been at the forefront of our consciousness and we recognize that it permeates the lives of our community, ourselves as teachers, and our students. Our goal as a studio is to actively listen to and amplify marginalized voices and provide a supportive space for BIPOC artists.

We are committed to addressing anti-Black racism and upholding the human rights of those actors at our studio. We denounce all forms of racism including Canada’s treatment of Indigenous Peoples.

We are turning awareness into action. We stand with you.


As a studio, we are committed to turning our role of ally from a noun to a verb. 

At LB, we are committed to:

  • Creating a committee and mentorship program comprised of BIPOC alumni to support our students, teachers, and staff 
  • Challenge the preconceived notions of race, gender, orientation, and age through the materials provided in class 
  • Continue to recognize, address, and challenge the rhetoric we use as actors and how this perpetuates existing inequalities 
  • Showcasing the full scope of our diverse community through our online presence and within our physical space 
  • Continued partnership with “The Annual B.L.A.C.K. Ball” in their various initiatives including scholarship opportunities for up to four students annually
  • Each month, we will continue to host live workshops and industry panels to actively engage with the full scope of Toronto’s actors. We want to keep the conversation going

We are listening. 

Sources/Special Thanks: ACTRA Toronto, SAG AFTRA, LB Acting Studio BIPOC Committee Members: Jajube Mandiela, Nadia George, Michelle Arvizu & Bunz Community