LB Alumni: Keanu Reeves

A huge congratulations to Keanu Reeves for his "Canada Walk of Fame" tribute!
This clip is a special moment of gratitude expressed towards Lewis.


At 18 years old, I was like X-Men’s Cyclops (without the goggles), and Lewis Baumander was Professor Xavier. He honed my skills and powers and made them intentional. It’s not an overstatement to say that he is the foundation of my career.  I first met Lewis shortly after I grad­uated from Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, in Scarborough. I was moving through the casting process for a TV series, and a cast member mentioned that Lewis could really help me with my audition. I was pretty arrogant at the time, with a chip on my shoulder, stepping into LB Acting Studio thinking this mysterious figure doesn’t know what he’s doing. 

I had all these ideas about how I wanted to play the audition scenes, and Lewis helped me let go. He’s very gracious and simple in his words; he taught me to relax, breathe, take the attention off myself and put it on my scene partner. He sat me down in a chair and was like, “Okay, run it once.” I ran it once. “Okay, do this and that,” he said. So I did. Then he told me that it was all right and to just go and do that and I would be fine. It was Mr. Miyagi Jedi shit. An hour later, I had my audition, and I booked the job on the spot. That was my first day working with Lewis, and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

Shamier Anderson - Invasion, John Wick: Chapter 4, Goliath

There’s a reason I’ve studied at LB Acting Studio for almost half my life. The coaches at LB go above and beyond to encourage you. They recognize your strengths as soon as you walk in the door, and they personalize their training plans to build on the skills you already have. They support you as you push yourself further as an actor and as a person and they foster confidence by providing a safe space to be bold and make mistakes. The community itself is a gift. There’s not a single person at LB I feel I can’t confide in about industry concerns and performance insecurities. The coaches have built me up every time I’ve lost faith in myself, and they keep me grounded and humble through every success - but always celebrate my victories with me. There’s no place I’d rather grow than at LB!

Sara Waisglass - Ginny & Georgia, Suze, Degrassi

I have a lot of respect for Lewis. For a coach of his status, it amazes me how he consistently matches the level of vulnerability and humility that is expected from his students in their work. Lewis puts aside all ego and prioritizes the craft, drawing from his own life experiences to explain aspects of the human condition that parallel the core truths of the scenes we study. In doing this, he strikes the perfect balance between empathizing with his students and empowering them. I have seen both personal and professional growth in my time working with Lewis, and I have no doubt that his teachings will continue to guide my career as an actor. I've been training for years now, and LB is still my homebase. The sense of community that has been cultivated among the actors, coaches, and staff extends beyond the classroom and even beyond the studio. LB Acting Studio does a phenomenal job of supporting their students and I am grateful to be a part of their community.

Robert Bazzocchi - Bria Mack Gets A Life, Gen V, Fellow Travelers

I had never worked with an actor coach before Lewis . I knew the role in SexLife required a lot of layers emotionally and I wanted to make sure I did the role and myself justice . Now having worked together on a couple of projects I don’t know how I did it without him. Our sessions creatively are so enlightening and exciting the way we find so many layers but they are also personally extremely fulfilling . He’s an amazing bloke and I cannot wait to get back together and explore more 

Adam Demos - Sex/Life, A Perfect Pairing

"I have taken Lewis’ classes and worked with him one on one. He encourages and shows his students how to shed the ‘acting techniques’, formulas and bad habits" they may have acquired and gives his students the freedom to just be. A fresh start, free of judgement and open for opportunity. I have learned and become so much more comfortable and confident in my work, because Lewis has encouraged me to search for the truth in each character. Lewis is an incredible coach and extraordinary person Thank you, Lewis "  

Nina Dobrev - Vampire Diaries, Perks of Being a Wallflower

"Lewis has inspired me to find that truth. His boundless devotion and undying patience for his students are what make him amazing. He is honest and always provides" insightful feedback, which I truly appreciate. Lewis Baumander doesn’t teach acting, he teaches the art of being: breathing, thinking, feeling and creating; because that’s where the truth lies. And I want to tell the truth. Don’t you? Thank you Lewis. "  

Ellen Wong - GLOW, Scott Pilgrim VS the World