On Camera for Teens – Ages 13 & 14


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Specific drills and exercises have been created to introduce the student to the language and nature of performing for the camera. They will also learn how to become comfortable expressing real emotions and how to adapt to specific direction.  There are many young actors who train with us continuously from round to round.

For actors returning to the studio,  audition techniques geared more to the specific needs of the individual student will be introduced. More detailed script analysis involving how to make choices, identify and respond to different genres will come into play. Techniques will be introduced that allow more complex emotions to be expressed. The final class will be recorded and emailed to you along with notes from your instructor.

LB Acting Studio Youth Class Structure  has an AUDITION DAY. We have included this audition day to help advance the actors development.  The test of any actor’s training is the AUDITION, it challenges the actor, and measures their growth. Following the audition process there will also be a Q&A with the panel for actors & their parents.

More details on the audition day can be found here in FAQ.

Our Youth Classes are categorized by age. However, children mature differently both physically and emotionally. They come to the studio with different levels of experience. We want the best environment for our students in each round. We, therefore, tailor our classes to the particular needs of those participating. Our small class sizes make it possible for coaches to be flexible and adapt to each student’s individual needs to ensure that the assigned material will challenge them appropriately and aid in their development.

Please Note: All Our Youth Classes are designed to create a training environment that is conducive to the way young people learn. There will be less talk and more on-camera time, since young people learn by doing, not listening.  Creative and challenging drills have been devised to be directly applicable to audition preparation, the audition, or an on-set situation. These drills can be practiced by young actors on their own during the week at home. Through clear instruction, application, and repetition, the student will experience results that will be tangible.

Youth classes may be mixed-level. Our small class sizes make it possible for coaches to focus on each student’s individual needs and development and assign material that will challenge them appropriately.


SEE full class schedule

Winter | January – February 2019

Sun Jan 6 Jan 13 Jan 20 Jan 27 Feb 3 Feb 10 Feb 24

If you are to miss a class and would like to book in privately with a coach, please contact the studio regarding rates and availability.

No Class on Feb. 17th – Family Day


Winter/Spring | March – April 2019

Sun Mar 3 Mar 10 Mar 17 Mar 24 Mar 31 Apr 14 Apr 21

If you are to miss a class and would like to book in privately with a coach, please contact the studio regarding rates and availability.

No Class on Apr. 7th – Easter Weekend


Spring| April – June 2019

Sun Apr 28 May 5 May 12 May 26 Jun 2 Jun 9 Jun 16

If you are to miss a class and would like to book in privately with a coach, please contact the studio regarding rates and availability.
No Class on May 19 – Victoria Day Weekend


  • Thank you so much for this wonderful session!  Emilia loved, loved the acting class and ability to express herself as an actress!  I think she did amazing job and we are so grateful to have a such a wonderful teacher as Marcia to help us grow and give […]

    Emila Kalinowski

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  • No matter where you are at in your career, Lewis brings it right back to the grass roots of acting in film…authenticity and honestly is key.

    Marie Ward

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  • Working with Dialects was excellent. I learned a lot! And not just about dialects, but also about breathing, speech and resonance. Joy is just fabulous! Funny, engaging and extremely knowledgeable.

    Sandra Flores

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  • Lewis was my first coach whom I approached when I wanted to start acting. I’m happy to say that after 3 years of working with him, he’s built my confidence and given me the knowledge I need to succeed in this industry. One thing […]

    Albert Lapi

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  • As an old theatre actor finding my way into the wonderful world of television/film/commercials, LB Acting Studio has been perfect for my needs. I have already been able to apply what I’ve learned in class, from the Intro to LB Acting Studio, and most […]

    Wyatt Lamoureux

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  • “I have been taking classes at LB Acting Studio for about almost 2 years now. During this time, I have learned and improved so much when I’m auditioning for casting directors. Lewis doesn’t just teach you how to act, he incorporates breathing, staying true […]

    Yun Liu

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  • “Lewis keeps things simple and workable. Everything he uses is based on what we naturally think and do. I don’t worry about being “wrong” or “right” for a role anymore, I just am. He gave me the confidence to do what I always innately […]

    Georgina Reilly

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  • “Lewis Baumander is my go to acting coach, life teacher and friend. The skills he provides for his students are timeless and can be applied to all mediums of film, television and performance. He has expanded my thinking as an actor from eliminating the […]

    Shamier Anderson

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  • “We have watched Lewis coach and teach for many years now. He is a consummate professional and seems to make the actors feel at ease as they hone their craft. What is uniquely great about Lewis’ approach is that he helps the actor find […]

    Jenny Lewis & Sara Kay

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  • “Actors enjoy rigorous workouts: stretching and reaching new heights with Lewis. Function, form, and facts are more than baseline with him. They are the foundation he lays for actors to succeed. Lewis Baumander’s diagnostic and practical approach to training actors is pivotal to the […]

    Norbert Abrams

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