Advanced Audition


  • Must be represented and have previous on set experience
  • This class requires studio approval and is for those actors who have an agent, are building up their resumes and are wanting further development.


This is an On-Camera Audition class. It will find and strengthen those things that are working for you as an actor and you will discard those things that have not been working. This will help take much of the stress out of auditioning, by making you certain of what you need to do in the room and practice achieving it. This class will give you the confidence to adapt as needed. It will help you trust yourself and your abilities as an actor, enabling you to become more independent with your work.

Steven’s unique approach to teaching draws on his experience working with Lewis over the past 10+ years & adapting the tools he acquired to achieve the success he is currently enjoying.

The final class will be an audition style class with Lewis Baumander. Following the audition portion of the class you will receive feedback from both Lewis & Steven.

Your final class audition will be recorded and sent to you the following week.  This class is capped at 10 students.

Studio Make Up Date = is a date reserved in the event that the  STUDIO needs to reschedule a class within the session. Actors are expected to hold this date for possible make-up sessions.



SEE full class schedule

Summer | July – August 2018

THUR Aug 2 Aug 9 Aug 16 Aug 23 Aug 30 Sep 6


Fall | September – October 2018

Thur Sep 13 Sep 20 Sep 27 Oct 4 Oct 11 Oct 18

Studio Make-Up Date if the STUDIO needs to cancel a session: October 25th



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