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The Third Element: The Power & Nature of Behavior by Lewis Baumander

Behavior more often than not the most honest “tell” that reveals what we are feeling and thinking without us uttering a word. It reinforces what we are saying or betrays us. We often decide whether someone is lying to us or telling the truth on the basis of observation. Our very safety and well-being dependents on how swiftly we can read another’s behavior. Over the span of human history literally thousands of behaviors and gestures have evolved and imprinted themselves into our genetic coding. This guarantees our ability to communicate with one another. Language may be localized, but behavior is...

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The Second Element: The Power of Action - By Lewis Baumander

Directors say action they don't say feel, imagine, or  pretend. To act is to do not to pretend. When I say an “action”, I don't mean necessarily just banging on something, hitting or kissing someone, shooting something. An action is teasing, mocking, pleading, seducing etc. Action is how we acquire things. If it weren’t for action we never would have moved out of the oceans onto land. We wouldn’t have invented the wheel and the tools to make them. We wouldn’t have built cites or travelled to the moon and back again. We are a 3 billion year old success story of a will...

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A Physiological Approach to Acting - By Lewis Baumander

Learning how to do consciously what we are doing unconsciously anyway.

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