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The LB Acting Studio is a professional on-camera acting studio located in downtown Toronto, Canada. We believe the craft of acting exists to serve the truth and not the other way around. Expressing yourself through the work is more important than figuring out what “they” want.

Our mandate is to bring joy and authenticity to the process of preparing for & delivering a role. We aim to help actors advance their careers, to book more work & excel while on-set.

Ever feel that the acting techniques you’re learning don’t apply when you get to the audition? You don’t seem to be able to make them work on a set or apply to a director’s note. Want the confidence to self-direct while on-set? Work on scenes, monologue or audition technique at the LB Acting Studio.

The LB Acting Studio offers weekly group classes, workshops and  private coaching sessions. As well as, private coach & taping sessions.

We offer new students the opportunity to audit a class for free

Studio One

Studio 1 is our Self-Tape Room.  Casting Central offers both Full Service Self-Tapes and DIY Self-Tapes

Studio One

Studio Two

Fits 4 people comfortably at Casting Table + Additional Couch Seating behind table

Studio Two

Studio Three

Fits 4 people comfortably at Casting Table + Additional Seating behind table.

Studio Three

Studio Four

Fits 3 people comfortably at Casting Table + Additional Seating behind table.

Studio Four

Studio Five

Fits 3 people comfortably at Casting Table + Additional Seating behind table.

Studio Five

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About Casting Central


Casting Central offers a friendly, professional atmosphere with 5 studios, each equipped with sophisticated digital equipment perfect for Self-tapes and Casting for Commercials, Film/TV and Theatre.

Casting Central’s studios are fitted for Internet Ready Casting. Casting sessions can be recorded and uploaded simultaneously to the Cloud via Breakdown Express or Casting Workbook using an All-In-One Custom Built Program. Additionally, after session uploads can be done to other casting sites such as Cast It or Now Casting.

Need to stream your session? Not a problem! Casting Central offers Live Streaming via Skype.

Additional Casting Central services include Actor Workshops and Training and Off-Site Location Recording

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Toronto, Canada

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  • Thank you so much for this wonderful session!  Emilia loved, loved the acting class and ability to express herself as an actress!  I think she did amazing job and we are so grateful to have a such a wonderful teacher as Marcia to help us grow and give […]

    Emila Kalinowski

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  • No matter where you are at in your career, Lewis brings it right back to the grass roots of acting in film…authenticity and honestly is key.

    Marie Ward

    Read More
  • Working with Dialects was excellent. I learned a lot! And not just about dialects, but also about breathing, speech and resonance. Joy is just fabulous! Funny, engaging and extremely knowledgeable.

    Sandra Flores

    Read More
  • Lewis was my first coach whom I approached when I wanted to start acting. I’m happy to say that after 3 years of working with him, he’s built my confidence and given me the knowledge I need to succeed in this industry. One thing […]

    Albert Lapi

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  • As an old theatre actor finding my way into the wonderful world of television/film/commercials, LB Acting Studio has been perfect for my needs. I have already been able to apply what I’ve learned in class, from the Intro to LB Acting Studio, and most […]

    Wyatt Lamoureux

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  • “I have been taking classes at LB Acting Studio for about almost 2 years now. During this time, I have learned and improved so much when I’m auditioning for casting directors. Lewis doesn’t just teach you how to act, he incorporates breathing, staying true […]

    Yun Liu

    Read More
  • “Lewis keeps things simple and workable. Everything he uses is based on what we naturally think and do. I don’t worry about being “wrong” or “right” for a role anymore, I just am. He gave me the confidence to do what I always innately […]

    Georgina Reilly

    Read More
  • “Lewis Baumander is my go to acting coach, life teacher and friend. The skills he provides for his students are timeless and can be applied to all mediums of film, television and performance. He has expanded my thinking as an actor from eliminating the […]

    Shamier Anderson

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  • “We have watched Lewis coach and teach for many years now. He is a consummate professional and seems to make the actors feel at ease as they hone their craft. What is uniquely great about Lewis’ approach is that he helps the actor find […]

    Jenny Lewis & Sara Kay

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  • “Actors enjoy rigorous workouts: stretching and reaching new heights with Lewis. Function, form, and facts are more than baseline with him. They are the foundation he lays for actors to succeed. Lewis Baumander’s diagnostic and practical approach to training actors is pivotal to the […]

    Norbert Abrams

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