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Course Description

An intensive introductory course for actors focusing on the desired dialects for North American film and TV.

Casting Directors want to see Actors who know how to work with Dialects.

There continues to be a demand on North American film and TV for actors to be able to work with the authentic UK dialects. The standard British accent, called RP (Received Pronunciation) is required for many roles in fantasies, historic dramas, and stories about the upper class.

This course offers proven and effective methods that will allow participants to:

  • Learn simple, effective keys to “General American” dialect
  • Learn simple, effective keys to UK dialect (RP/London)
  • Identify and overcome tell-tale “Canadian-isms”
  • Identify and re-condition limiting speech habits and pronunciation issues
  • Work text/sides with coaching
  • Take away the skills for continued application

Studio Make Up Date = is a date reserved in the event that the  STUDIO needs to reschedule a class within the session. Actors are expected to hold this date for possible make-up sessions.


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April – May 2018

Wed April 16 April 23 May 2 May 9 May 16 May 23

Studio Make-Up Date if the STUDIO needs to cancel a session:  May 30

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