On Camera With Daniel: Applied Drills I

This class is perfect for those who have previously trained in:



-Have had a class recommendation from the studio.



This class will give each actor a deeper connection and opportunity to execute the drills and exercises laid out by Lewis in the New to LB Acting studio classes.  Through assessing the result, the specific application of the appropriate drill, is deployed to produce a more satisfying approach.

In Weeks 3 through  to 6, actors will apply these techniques to actual audition sides. There will be focus on new memorization techniques and a new approach to text analysis. Classes are devoted to locating the problem areas in your scene and applying the appropriate drills to address those concerns.

-Final scenes in week 6 will be recorded and sent out to you.

-This class is capped at 10 Students.

-This class is ideal for those who are committed to being an actor.

-This Class is designed by Lewis Baumander and taught by Jacob Kraemer.

Studio Make Up Date: a date which is reserved in the event that the  STUDIO needs to reschedule a class within the session. Actors are expected to hold this date for possible make-up sessions.


SEE full class schedule

Spring | April – May 2018

Mon 2pm Apr 16 Apr 23 Apr 30 May 7 May 14 May 28

Studio Make-Up Date if the STUDIO needs to cancel a session: N/A

Summer | June – July 2018

Mon 2pm
Jun 4 Jun 11 Jun 18 Jun 25 Jul 9 Jul 16

Studio Make-Up Date if the STUDIO needs to cancel a session: N/A



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